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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coming Into the Light

God did not make the heavens in his image, nor the moon, the sun, the beauty of the stars, nor anything else which you can see in the created universe. You alone are made in the likeness of that nature which surpasses all understanding; you alone are a similitude of eternal beauty, a receptacle of happiness, an image of the true Light; and if you look up to him, you will become what he is, imitating him who shines within you whose glory is reflected in your purity. Nothing in all creation can equal your grandeur. All the heavens can fit into the palm of God's hand; the earth and the see are measured in the hollow of his hand (Is 40:12). And though he is so great that he can grasp all creation in his palm, you can wholly embrace; he dwells within you, nor is he cramped as he pervades your entire being, saying: "I will dwell in them, and walk among them" (2 Cor 6:16). If you realize this you will not allow your eye to rest on anything of this world. Indeed, you will no longer marvel even at the heavens. For how can you admire the heavens when you see that you are more permanent than they? For the heavens pass away, but you will abide for all eternity with him who is for ever. Do not admire, then, the vastness of the earth or the ocean that stretches out to infinity, for like a chariot and horses they have been given in your charg. You have these elements in your power to be obedient to your will. --st. gregory of nyssa--


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