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Monday, June 27, 2005

Overcoming the Resistance of the Rich Young Man

When I try to guess what the Lord's intentions may be, I end up with feelings against him, and then I am obliged to return to more humble thoughts. I don't think I am in the right frame of mind to face eternity. I am not rebelling, but I am not accepting things any longer. Most of all, I'm exhausted, and have become somewhat indifferent. I am neither impressed nor moved, and I believe that the conclusion, whatever it may be, will find me rather apathetic. While I still have a good deal of resilience, I'm attached to the world even at this point, and since I can't change my fate, I give it all up and fall asleep, waiting for someone to wake me either down here or up above!... Perhaps it is lack of humility that hardens my heart? I could easily become violent, and at the least contradiction I start up like a wildcat. Pride - the worst of all evils, which keeps us far from the Lord. I have much more reason to be humble, but it is just the opposite. The more I am slapped down, the more I stiffen and cling to the pride which is the source of my courage. "Brother Leo," Saint Francis said, "do you know what perfect joy is? Suppose we go back to the convent and brother porter greets us as if we were shameless rascals, showers us with insults and blows, turns us out into the snow, and leaves us without shelter or food. Well, if we have the strength of soul to think that this brother has treated us as we deserved, and if we praise the Lord for it, this will be perfect joy!" --Jacques Fesch (+ 1957, was a murderer who experienced a profound conversion before his execution in a French prison.)


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