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Sunday, July 17, 2005

It is the Lord

Do you want Christ t appear to you in prayer as he would to his friend? Let love him be within you without a moment's break. Do you want this love to be continually inflamed in your soul? Then remove from your soul love for the world...
Are you desirous of seeing the radiant beams of the beauty of the Holy Trinity in your soul? Keep the commandments of Christ, for he said, "When you keep my commandments, it is then that my love shall be found with you." And with the fulfillment of these in the soul, he said that he and Gather and his Spirit will come and make a habitation; and there he will dwell and be seen. He also said that his friends were not of the world, and that the world has hated them... I truly say that the moment the mind strips off the world it puts on Christ; the moment it departs from thinking about the affairs of the world it encounters God... It is a mystery for me here, and a cause for fear; but to the true, truth is revealed.
John the Elder (+ c. early eighth century, was a monastic writer of the East)


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