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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Knowledge of the Poor

How few there are who are reaching these men, these unemployed, these destitute, to bring them Catholic social teachings, some idea of the correlation of the material and spiritual, so that they can indeed begin to realize that they are creatures of body and soul. How great a need there is to build up many little centers where men gather together and discuss these things and get these ideas moving. Patience, contentment with the little way [of St. Therese], hard work, obscurity and poverty, the knowledge of the poor which results in the love of the poor, these are what is needed.
--Dorothoy Day--


Blogger Moneybags said...

I can't tell you how much this is needed today. We certainly must be more open to others and embrace the poor. After all, didn't Christ choose simple fisherman over the wealthy? So, then, why should we not care about the least as Christ even said the least would become the greatest while the greatest would become the least.

Before you talked about Dorothy Day I've never heard of her. I think I'm going to look her up over on wikipedia for more information.


9:33 AM  
Blogger billathts said...

there are great books about DD and the CW movement... "The Long Lonliness" is her autobiography, but my favorite is "Loaves and Fishes." the Catholic Worker Bookstore and carry both books.

I hope you are as moved as I was and am as you get to know her. Cardinal O'Conner (who has passed) of the Archdiocese of NY had opened her cause for canonization some years ago. The Current Bishop of Tyler in Texas (my former Diocese) was a Jesuit seminarian in NYC when he met her in the 1960's and told me some wonderful stories of his experiences with her and the CW movement.

Good Luck!!!!!!

12:40 PM  

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