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Monday, July 18, 2005

Why Christ Shows His Wounds

While I was asking god what I could do to please him more, in his mercy, he appeared to me many times, both while I was asleep and awake, crucified on the cross. He told me that I should look at his wounds... He should me how he had endured all these wounds for me... As he was showing me the sufferings he had endured for me..., he told me: "What then can you do that would seem to you to be enough?" ...He even showed me how his beard, eyebrows and hair had been plucked out and enumerated each and every one of the blows of the whip that he had received. And he said: "I have endured all these things for you."
After this, I was given an astonishing remembrance of all my sins and became aware that I was the one who had wounded him afresh with my sins and because of this, great should be my sorrow. And I did grieve more for my sins than ever before. He continued to show me the sufferings of his passion and repeated: "What indeed can you do for me that would satisfy you?" I wept much, shedding such hot tears that they burned my flesh.
--St. Angela of Foligno, +1309, was a wife and mother who later became a Franciscan tertiary and an esteemed mystical writer.


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