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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Family

The first unit of society is the family. The family should look after its own and, in addition, as the early Fathers said, "Every home should have a Christ room in it, so that hospitality may be practiced." "The coat that hangs in your closet belongs to the poor." "If your brother is hungry, it is your responsibility." Dorothy Day.


Blogger Moneybags said...

This brings two comments to mind:

1. With the assault on marriage and the family and the sanctity of life we should take this quotation to heart. I also learned that Dorthy Day even had an abortion at one time, but I do believe she appears to have learned from her mistake.

The family is the central, smallest community for Christ and in this community there should be a strong committment to learn and pray more.

2. I also had a room remodeled and made into a prayer room. It is great with the large picture window as the sun always lights the room in the Rosary. Plus we have pictures such as the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts and one of St. Padre Pio, which really make it a great prayer room.

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