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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lucky For Me

Lucky for me that the immoderate love of creatures is a poison-draught which has always been kept away from my lips, but I'm sure I'm right about this--I've seen so many souls the poor moths; dazzled by the lure of...rushlight, they fly into it and burn their wings, only to come back later into the soft radiance of that true love which is divine... It was only God's mercy that preserved me from giving myself up to the love of creatures; without that, I might have fallen...low. I find such comfort in those penetrating words of our Lord to Simon the Pharisee: "He loves little, who has little forgiven him..." I owe Him... He remitted my sins before-hand, as it were, by not letting me fall into them... I wish I could explain exactly what I feel about it. St. Therese.


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