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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Done Enough?

There is a terrible saying a priest once quoted to us, "He who says he has done enough, has already perished."
If we went daily to our local church, and there, in the presence of Christ, brought our problems, our pain, our suffering at our failures, and our mistakes which contribute so much to the sufferings of others, then I think we ould be more nearly doing "enough." The growth of prayer groups all over the country does not mean a slackening of the struglle for peace and justice, but a strengthening of it.

Dorothy Day, 1972


Blogger Moneybags said...

Hello, Bill

I'm glad to see you have posted again. I have always loved reading your chosen quotations and I still think about the great one you posted by the anonymous man in a concentration camp: "...I believe in God even when he's silent".

Great Blog

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